Blackpool Drama School for Children and Adults

Blackpool School of Drama is an all-new and exciting drama academy delivering the highest standards of training in all aspects stage acting. Our school is owned by Principal and children's entertainer Daniel Twist.

We provide one-on-one and group classes for children and adults and regardless of their experience and acting abilities. There's a wide range of drama sessions; stage drama classes, improvisation workshops and LAMDA classes. LAMDA classes prepare our students for their LAMDA exams. There are no auditions to enrol at our school. Our sessions take place in Bispham and Blackpool Central. There are sessions on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00pm.

All our students have the opportunity to participate in various events throughout the year, including fetes, carnivals and charity events. They can also star in our annual shows. Later this year we shall be producing a mostly improvised stage production at a professional theatre (More details soon).

Stage Drama School

Blackpool and Bispham Drama Sessions

Blackpool School of Drama provides a wide range of drama sessions for children and adults. We provide stage drama improvisation workshops and LAMDA classes. Learn about public speaking, mime, character building, script work and play drama games and more!

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Improvised Stage Play

Blackpool School of Drama gives our students the opportunity to perform in public. As well as our annual stage productions at a professional theatre our students can perform at various events including fetes, carnivals and charity events.

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LAMDA Exams and Classes

At Blackpool School of Drama students can take their LAMDA exams, which are run by LAMDA and take place throughout the United Kingdom including Blackpool. We can also prepare our students for their exams.

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